Ornithopter Team are working to break new records!

Ornithopter Team are working to break new records!

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When Dreams Take Flight acquired by Discovery HD EMEA

Discovery HD EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) has just acquired When Dreams Take Flight. The license period starts April 1st, 2012. We’ll keep you up to date with any scheduling information we’ve got.

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Reviews from The Austin Film Festival

I had a great time at the Austin Film Festival, I met some awesome people and saw some solid films. It’s an amazing festival, well organized, great parties and a wonderful conference for writers. I would go back for sure.

There were a few solid reviews out of Austin. The Film Thugs gave a brief but positive review here: http://www.thefilmthugs.com/ and did a comprehensive review of the festival and other films they saw.

A review from viewity.com

The Austin Post Article that mentions the film.

One interesting thing that seemed a repeating theme out of feedback I got at the festival is that the film is too short. Now, really, I almost always feel like films are too long and fear falling into that trap so I’m heartened to hear that people wanted more…next time, a feature doc. But for now, with what we did with the time and budget we had I’m really appreciative of all the positive feedback!

Upwards! (tune in to documentary – in Canada – on November 21st to watch the film)

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Just a quick note to let you know that the documentary WHEN DREAMS TAKE FLIGHT will air on documentary on Monday, November 21st at 9pm.

Details here: http://www.cbc.ca/documentarychannel/feature-programs/when_dreams_take_flight/

Not a subscriber? Not to worry, the channel is free in November so you can see the film anyway!

You can check out the official website at www.cbc.ca/whendreamstakeflight/

When Dreams Take Flight is not a documentary about flying or achieving flight. It is a film about dreams and dreamers, a film about people who are willing to risk life and limb to follow their hearts and chase a dream that has existed since the dawn of man.

Through a series of interesting, intelligent and obsessed characters, spanning six centuries and two continents, we will explore the genesis, myth and reality of why humans are compelled to fly like birds and what six hundred years of failed experiments have taught us.

Tune in on November 21st!

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Tonight in Austin, Texas – World Premier Screening!

Here we go!

The first unbiased audience and a true test of the film’s ability to entertain.


We’re hoping for a good turn out and it seems like we’ve got some support from the engineering department and Flying Club at the University of Texas.

So, if you happen to be in Austin come to the Alamo Drifthouse Ritz theatre at 7:30pm and watch the film. I understand that the Drifthouse allows you to eat and drink while you watch a movie.

And, as an aside, I was heartened to see that last night at the Ritz they were showing The Thing  which features my husband Jonathan Lloyd Walker as Colin, the British radio operator.  A good coincidence I think.

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When Dreams Take Flight will play at The Austin Film Festival

When Dreams Take Flight will have its world premier at Austin on October 20th as part of the documentary feature competition. Know any glider clubs or people passionate about flying in Austin? Let them know. Broadcast information coming soon!


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The Trailer Is Here

Check it out!

The film is complete and here’s the trailer. Enjoy!

Details to come about where and when the film will be showing and screening.

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So close I can almost touch it!

It’s been a busy few weeks as we near the completion of the film, but I’m so excited that it’s almost done!

The trailer is complete (waiting on the elimination of one new background and then I can post it here! – this week)…The poster is done (but I still have to put logos on it from funding bodies) The ‘sting’ is done…The VFX are almost there…The music is almost there – due to a last minute composer change a huge thank you goes out to Rich Pell and his team at VertigoSound Music I’ve never met Rich in person and I’ve been approving or critiquing pieces of music over the last 5 weeks – it’s awesome and I can’t wait to meet Rich AND hear it all put together ..the website is getting closer (this is the unofficial website but there will be a ‘real’ website at http://www.cbc.ca/whendreamstakeflight and it will be super cool…the foley is done (thanks Andy!)…the sound effects are done (thanks Rob Hutchins)…and Robert Swartz, the awesome editor, has been slaving away to get it all ready to go for the final post. Jennifer and Oren at Theatre D Digital have been amazing at sourcing and keeping everything on track and I’m excited to work with Matt and a few other folks next week to bring it all home.

We have the voice over record to do, then the sound mix, colour correct, DV, close captioning and all the finalizing and outputting – then we’ll let a few folks (like those who are in it) see it…and then, hopefully, we’ll hear back from the premiere festival so we can put it out there for the world to see.

No broadcast date for documentary as yet, but both websites will have all the dates once they’re available.

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Finally, I am making my way into this century and exploring the world of Twitter.

I will tweet updates about the films and you can follow them here:

twitter.com and look for @dreamstakefligh

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The End is in Sight

We did our fine cut screening today. It was very exciting to see it up on the big screen! We’re editing at Theatre D which is really great and they let our small group of 8 helpful viewers watch it in the theatre – very fun.

The screening went well and I’m thankful for the smart and talented people I know who are willing to take time to patiently watch and ponder. We will consider and work on the notes.

Now, I am scrambling to get the final permissions and pieces of stock footage in place so we can lock picture, I’m trying to get permissions in France, the US and Japan. While I’m toiling away at that, we’re also finessing the story to strengthen elements that are working and finding footage to help elements of the story that still need a little help. But it all feels manageable and fun.

We are also working on the trailer and have a good rough cut underway.

One of my many jobs at the moment is to do a ‘pass’ on the narration to correct some of the material that doesn’t say quite what I want it to really focus on the tone of the narration – both for the cut and the trailer.

So, from here forward, we will picture lock on our longer version soon, likely Monday. From there we will ‘up-res’ the footage and then start the cut down for the fine cut for our broadcaster, which we hope to deliver by late next week.

We will wait for notes from Bruce at documentary the work will go on Mark at Electric Square (who is doing our awesome VFX and credits and design and other wonderful things) will continue to build, draw and craft great things. John and Ryan will work on producing and composing the music. Andy at Footsteps Studios will start to do some foley. Annette at CBC is working on the official website for the film and I’ll do lots of paperwork and accounting and start to gather my deliverables.

In about 6 weeks we will meet and bring all the elements together, do our sound mix and colour correct…and we’ll be done.

We’ve started to submit to some festivals and will wait hopefully for positive response.

The end is in sight.

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