It’s all coming together

It’s been a busy week for us as we toil away to bring the remaining shoot days in order.

We have cast DaVinci and Lilienthal. We have a 1st AD and it looks like Hair, Make Up, Wardrobe are all in place. We’re still missing an Art Director, which makes me a little nervous – but I’m trusting it will come together.

Still oodles more work to do. I’ve got to sift through the hours and hours of video material so I can get it all to Todd so that he can do some writing and recording of his own about the process. For those who want to really geek out in ornithopter-land there will eventually be a site that allows the viewer to watch The Snowbird get built from the ground up…

I’m headed to France and Italy in April to interview a guy from the Federation Aeronautique International and also to spend some time with Yves Rousseau, an ornithopter enthusiast I’ve been trying to track down for awhile.

More focused reports to come!

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1 Response to It’s all coming together

  1. This all sounds so exciting! And while you’re still on the hunt for an AD, I’ll be trying to gain some knowledge on “Otto” and “Paul” – though it’s been tricky so far finding anything solid on Mr. Beylich as of yet…The ornithopter research is quite fun however! All the best – David Besharat 🙂

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