Toronto here I am!

Well, I learned today that somebody found me! I’ve been building this blog/content in secret (not really, but without notification) and today I got a follower (thanks David). Maybe it’s time to let folks know that I’m here and working on stuff.

Anyway, that aside, I’m in Toronto (landed early – great tailwind), I’ve got meetings and visits scheduled at post houses to figure out where my new editor Robert will be working and I have a meeting with my PM, John, who I think is awesome even though we’ve not really met (beyond casual hellos years ago). He jumped on board and got things rocking so I’m no longer feeling like the ship is sinking. I’m going to meet up with one of my (yet to be named) actors and I’m also meeting with potential Art Directors and Hair, Make Up and Wardrobe wizards.

I will be touching base with Mark Alberts of Electric Square who will do my VFX – very excited about this.

I have a meeting with Robin, my most loved DP and Rob Barnett who will be working with Robin to make everything look fabulous. I’ve not met Rob yet either, but he comes highly recommended by my friend and colleague Jay Ferguson of 3 o’ – thanks Jay.

So, I’m hopeful that I leave my quick visit here with an Art Director starting to get things together and the rest of the crew hired.

Beyond that, back to the footage and applications to get the final financing in place to make this thing happen.

So excited to be working in fast motion. After two years (nearly!) working on this project, I feel like we’re in the home stretch and I’m so excited about the people I’m collaborating with to bring it together!


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