How hard could it be to find a hill?

Well, I guess one never knows where the stumbling blocks will be.

Location, location, location. We are looking for an (affordable) outdoor location that allows us a hill (and ideally has a small Italian-like pond nearby) and we’re in search of  a room we can make into DaVinci’s studio (there are no drawings of his actual studio so we have to imagine what it may have looked like around 1500).

Beyond that, things are coming together. We have ordered the fruit bat wing from Bone Clones in the US and we have someone to make it look great. The art department seem on their game and ready to rock when we tell them where they’ll be working.

Todd has his clips for the website (which will eventually land at and he’ll write some posts that work in combination with a calendar that will allow those who are interested to follow the entire process of the ornithopter being built.

I got my re-application into Rogers today with the hopes that the remainder of the funding for the TV documentary component comes through (yes, I promise that I will really sit and write about the arduous process of funding this project).

Today I also found out that our #1 choice for edit space isn’t logistically available. There are, of course, lots of other options…I must trust that we land where we need to be.

I love my PM, John, he’s kickin’ it and really great and on it and helpful.

Overall, fun. Good process, really excited to get to the creative elements and then put this all together…

But where will we shoot?!

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