Dramatic elements – check.

Lilienthal's glider

Lilienthal's glider (photo by Jovan Matic)

Well, it all went quite swimmingly I must say and we were extremely lucky!

Interviews – check. Dramatic elements – check.

On Monday we did interviews against greenscreen. I just wanted to interview all the main characters from the film/ornithopter project to get the whole story down cohesively. Todd, Cameron, Robert, Carson, Dr. D, Jack & David all came out to share their tales and perspectives on the building of the ornithopter itself and its place in history.

All the interviewees were great and well prepared and excited and made my job easy. It was fun to talk about the project. Even though I still only really understand a small fraction of the science behind it I do think I understand the project itself and, after 2 years with these guys, it’s fun to be able to talk about the experience.

Now Tuesday made me nervous, too many variables.  First and foremost the weather. We were trying to shoot March for August, which is a dangerous endeavor in Ontario! We had planned it as our day outdoors shooting Lilienthal’s glider flight from August 10th, 1896 (seen in the photo); and DaVinci observing birds. We had 15 background players out, we had a replica of the glider, we had actors and we had lots of crew. Recognizing that this could actually be a dangerous event (man in 150lb ‘kite’ on top of a windy hill) we had a glider rigger, we had  a nurse, we had lots of help. We were very fortunate it was clear (cold but clear).

Everything came together well and we got our day before the snow hit on Tuesday night (and remains still!).

Wednesday we shot the father and son footage for the Icarus myth and Thursday DaVinci in his studio, DaVinci dissecting a bat; and Lilienthal in hospital.

With an exceptional cast and crew we plowed through our days and got some really lovely footage. Now, the question (if I’m honest) remains: will these dramatic elements actually work in the film??? I hope so, but only time will tell.

So, slowly but surely the pieces are coming together. I am off to Europe to shoot a couple of interviews and then we will start to edit.

I can’t wait!

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