Finishing up in Europe

I think it’s quite appropriate that the final interviews for this film were shot in Europe since that’s really where the dream began centuries ago.

We started in Turin interviewing Pierluigi Duranti, a representative from the FAI. A lovely man, passionate about aeronautics, he was able to clarify many of the questions we’ve had along the way about records and achievements in ornithopter flight.

From Turin we flew to Nantes and then traveled about an hour east where we were fortunate to meet the charming Yves Rousseau and his wonderful wife Marie-France. We interviewed him and worked with him over the course of two days and were given insight into the two decades he spent building his flying machines (including two ornithopters). He enlightened us on his process and the lessons he learned along the way.

Where many of the other people we have spoken to about their work in the last two years are engineers or have spent years formally studying aeronautics, Yves describes himself as a ‘self-made man’. His journey started with a love of flying and that love led him to spend decades following his curiosities about flight and efficiency.

Now, the time has come to put the camera away and move into the edit suite.

I’m excited to see it all come together!

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