Countdown to EDIT!

Wow, the day we’ve all been waiting for…well, really the day I’VE been waiting for is moments away.

With all the footage “in the can” the magic is soon to start.

At this point I actually have no idea how many hours of footage we have. I’m guessing about 80? I think we shot about 40 hours of footage while we were following the building of “The Snowbird” but then with additional interviews, stock footage, footage shot by Todd and the team etc…gotta be about 80.

And how long will the final film be? Well, the final cut for TV will be about 42 minutes (much check my deliverables). There will probably be a version for international television that comes in around 52-54 minutes and (drumroll please) my big question is: is there a feature length film in this material? (71 minutes +). Not sure. I loathe creating a film that’s too long for the sake of creating a longer film so it will all come down to the material and the story. What can we sustain?

Time will tell.

And what is the timeline for the edit? Well, we should have a rough cut by mid-June and the process will unfold from there with feedback etc. Then we should have a fine cut sometime in July and a finished film in August/September.

There are some variables in terms of the VFX and music composition, access to stock footage and the likes…but I’m hopeful that September will see the film out in the world!

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