The End is in Sight

We did our fine cut screening today. It was very exciting to see it up on the big screen! We’re editing at Theatre D which is really great and they let our small group of 8 helpful viewers watch it in the theatre – very fun.

The screening went well and I’m thankful for the smart and talented people I know who are willing to take time to patiently watch and ponder. We will consider and work on the notes.

Now, I am scrambling to get the final permissions and pieces of stock footage in place so we can lock picture, I’m trying to get permissions in France, the US and Japan. While I’m toiling away at that, we’re also finessing the story to strengthen elements that are working and finding footage to help elements of the story that still need a little help. But it all feels manageable and fun.

We are also working on the trailer and have a good rough cut underway.

One of my many jobs at the moment is to do a ‘pass’ on the narration to correct some of the material that doesn’t say quite what I want it to really focus on the tone of the narration – both for the cut and the trailer.

So, from here forward, we will picture lock on our longer version soon, likely Monday. From there we will ‘up-res’ the footage and then start the cut down for the fine cut for our broadcaster, which we hope to deliver by late next week.

We will wait for notes from Bruce at documentary the work will go on Mark at Electric Square (who is doing our awesome VFX and credits and design and other wonderful things) will continue to build, draw and craft great things. John and Ryan will work on producing and composing the music. Andy at Footsteps Studios will start to do some foley. Annette at CBC is working on the official website for the film and I’ll do lots of paperwork and accounting and start to gather my deliverables.

In about 6 weeks we will meet and bring all the elements together, do our sound mix and colour correct…and we’ll be done.

We’ve started to submit to some festivals and will wait hopefully for positive response.

The end is in sight.

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2 Responses to The End is in Sight

  1. Ezra Jay says:

    We impatiently wait for detailed close-ups of all structural components. And of the rest of the story, for it seems your covering our heroes!

    • dimestoreproductions says:

      Great! Excited you’re excited! The official CBC website will have a whole series of videos of various close ups and structural components…the film will be complete next month – trailer up soon!

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