So close I can almost touch it!

It’s been a busy few weeks as we near the completion of the film, but I’m so excited that it’s almost done!

The trailer is complete (waiting on the elimination of one new background and then I can post it here! – this week)…The poster is done (but I still have to put logos on it from funding bodies) The ‘sting’ is done…The VFX are almost there…The music is almost there – due to a last minute composer change a huge thank you goes out to Rich Pell and his team at VertigoSound Music I’ve never met Rich in person and I’ve been approving or critiquing pieces of music over the last 5 weeks – it’s awesome and I can’t wait to meet Rich AND hear it all put together ..the website is getting closer (this is the unofficial website but there will be a ‘real’ website at and it will be super cool…the foley is done (thanks Andy!)…the sound effects are done (thanks Rob Hutchins)…and Robert Swartz, the awesome editor, has been slaving away to get it all ready to go for the final post. Jennifer and Oren at Theatre D Digital have been amazing at sourcing and keeping everything on track and I’m excited to work with Matt and a few other folks next week to bring it all home.

We have the voice over record to do, then the sound mix, colour correct, DV, close captioning and all the finalizing and outputting – then we’ll let a few folks (like those who are in it) see it…and then, hopefully, we’ll hear back from the premiere festival so we can put it out there for the world to see.

No broadcast date for documentary as yet, but both websites will have all the dates once they’re available.

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2 Responses to So close I can almost touch it!

  1. Ezra Jay says:

    How does one, (who’s Bird Suit project is too far behind to make the film) sweet talk his way into the viewing with the “few folks”? 😉

    • dimestoreproductions says:

      So sorry, got caught in a whirlwind and didn’t get back to you! I will post screenings up and it will broadcast in the next few months. Cheers.

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