Where we are today

Today, February 23, 2010, I’ve been thinking I should keeping writing reflective posts on where we’ve been so I can catch you up to speed, but also think it’s really valuable to capture where we are right now…so I may do some flip-flopping as I reveal the process of making this film.

Suffice to say we finally got all of our funding in place (and I WILL write that post later for those that are interested in the real dedication required to fund a one-off documentary in the current climate)…and we are now able to do the shoot for the dramatic “re-creations”…in fact, I don’t really like re-creations in doc, so perhaps ‘dramatic elements’ is a better term.

So, we are in the process of gearing up to shoot 1 day of interviews with the main subjects of the film: Todd Reichert, Cameron Robertson, Dr. James DeLaurier, Carson Dueck and Robert Dueck. We will do this next month in Toronto. Additionally we will shoot 3 days of ‘dramatic elements’. By this I mean we will ‘bring to life’ Leonardo DaVinci & Otto Lilienthal as well as shooting the opening of the movie as I currently see it in my head.

This sounds like a minor thing, but it’s actually a tremendous amount of work. I hired a Production Manager to help…but in a major turn of events yesterday realized I really had the wrong person for the job and so that quickly went tits up and now I have a new PM who has done more in 24 hours than my last PM did in 2 months. So, I’m feeling relieved and back on track.

I have a group of dedicated aviation experts at the Canada Air and Space Museum building me  Lilienthal’s 1896 glider, I’m very excited about seeing this and hopefully observing some of the process. I’m very hopeful they will get this done on time, but I’ve told them I will be taking it ‘as-is’ if they haven’t.

So, now I need to find locations, an art director, actors, food, and all those fun elements. The shoot will involve about 50 people all in, which is amazing for two days. A quick trip to Toronto next week should find me with an edit suite and our equipment needs secure, some of our crew in place. I get to meet our new second camera person, Rob, who will work with Robin Bain, my beloved and trusted DP.

It’s all coming together. More details to follow!




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