Finally, I am making my way into this century and exploring the world of Twitter.

I will tweet updates about the films and you can follow them here: and look for @dreamstakefligh

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  1. Bob says:

    Are you doing the documentary as a “volunteer”? I attended several flights as a gliding club member. If you are looking for another potential documentary, Freedom’s Wings Canada wants to do one on their gliding training initiative with “Soldier On” the Canadian Forces project to help rehabilitate soldiers and veterans. Or you may know someone with an interest in doing another aviation documentary with a social (not for profit) responsibility twist. They have just started working with one soldier with post dramatic stress syndrome who came out July 1 at the announcement of the initiative in Ottawa for a glider ride…. he had not been out of his home for SIX MONTHS with PTSS said his wife… and now he begins to learn to fly a gilder hundreds of miles from home in Arthur at York Soaring because he was inspired by the freedom and beauty of the sport. Our taxes and Freedom’s Wings made this possible.

    Just a thought if you can help in any way…..

    Looking forward to your production! They used my old table saw in the construction! I hope it made it into the film somewhere!! 😉


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